About Certified Master Groundwater Contractors

The designation of Master Groundwater Contractor (MGWC) recognizes those who have proven exceptional knowledge and dedication in water well construction and pump installation. Candidates possess good customer service and employee relations skills in addition to a solid technical operations background. The bulk of the four-hour certification exam is essay questions covering skill and competency in business, management, and all types of drilling operations, pump installation, water systems, troubleshooting and diagnostics, and water quality/sustainability. 

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About the Westbergs

M-W Drilling, Inc.

About Slant Drilled Water Wells

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Wayne Westberg arrived in Alaska with his first well drilling rig on August 9, 1968.  His now 50+ years of extensive experience is summarized in his resume. Undoubtedly, it really should be elaborated into a book!

The northern-most wells in North America are slant wells

that M-W Drilling pioneered.

Wayne's son, Kris Westberg, has been out in the field with M-W Drilling since he was just an awestruck child.  Fast forward many years, and Kris is the Vice-President of M-W and when not immersed in office responsibilities, he's supervising drilling in those same fields.

As an Alaskan company established in 1968, M-W Drilling Inc. is extensively diverse and experienced in drilling, construction, and service of water well systems. 

M-W Drilling Inc. (M-W) regularly performs many specialized drilling projects for the construction, oil field, mineral, and pipeline industries.  M-W has completed in excess of 5,000 new wells for private landowners, commercial developers, municipal water utilities, oil companies, and government projects. 

The company owns and maintains four rotary rigs, three cable-tool rigs, and two well service trucks with hoists.  This shortens lead time for project completion and allows quick response to emergency situations.    M-W offers a quality crew of expert Mechanics, Drillers, Drill Helpers, Welders, and Pump Technicians ready to mobilize for any drilling related, construction, oil field, and/or groundwater project.  M-W’s Drillers and Supervisors have 15 to over 50 years of experience in the ground water industry. 

M-W is distinguished to be Alaska’s only Certified Master Groundwater Contractor (MGWC).  This certification, attained through the National Groundwater Association, is currently held by about 60 other contractors of the approximately 20,000 nationwide. 

M-W has operated in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii.  M-W, a disabled veteran owned business, regularly bids and performs projects which are reserved for small businesses and qualifies under the definition thereof. 

In projects of current and unique interest, M-W has successfully completed a number of slant thaw bulb wells on the North Slope and Yukon River areas. Typically these wells are drilled on a 20-30° slant into the thawed material below the mudline of lakes and rivers.

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