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Prices for drilling and casing wells are usually quoted by the foot and may vary according to the type of material and difficulty of drilling.  The cost of wells in Alaska will usually be in the range of $3,000 to $12,000.  Contact us today for a quote!


If your water has become discolored or dirty due to a recent earthquake this is not an unusual occurrence...don't worry! The best way to clear the water is to hook up a garden hose to an outside hose bib and run it steadily, at about half throttle, until the water clears. If you lose water flow inside the house, check any water filters you may have for sediment buildup and/or plugging.  If some faucet fixtures experience limited flow, unscrew the screens and clean them thoroughly.  If you experience continued loss of pressure, complete loss of water, a well pump that constantly runs, or a well pump that doesn't run, call your local water well contractor for a service visit.


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Our digital camera systems allows a 360 degree side view and down hole view.

State Well Tracking System - Obtain Information on Your Well